Corman Spring-Calving Herd Dispersal Sale

We’re excited to announce the Corman Spring-Calving Herd Dispersal Sale at the Autumn in the Ozarks sale on September 3 at Chappell’s Sale Arena in Strafford, Missouri. This is not a complete dispersal! We have been blessed with a lot of heifers over the last few years. Because of that, and a desire to more easily and efficiently utilize our forage resources, we have decided to just run one herd and calve only one time per year in the fall. Therefore, we are selling 12 young pairs and 4 bred heifers that are bred to calve next spring.

This includes some of our better cows, some of which trace back 16 generations of Corman breeding. The cows are not pampered, but are easy fleshing and accustomed to producing on a forage base. We don’t creep feed our calves, and about the only supplement our cows get is some alfalfa or Bermuda grass hay in the wintertime, along with a year-round basic mineral.

We want to emphasize that this is only a partial dispersal–we are definitely staying in the Charolais business! Our goal is to “right-size” the herd into one group of cows that allows for better rotational grazing and longer rest periods between grazings. Click here to view the sale catalog. We hope to see many of you on Labor Day in Strafford!


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